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National Courier Service

Website design and SEO for a national courier service based in Birmingham and operating across the whole of the UK and Europe.
MPC Couriers | National Courier service web design and SEO

National Courier Website Design & SEO

From Stale to Stellar: MPC Couriers’ Website Redesign Journey

Stagnant Growth and an Outdated Website

MPC Couriers, a leading national courier service based in Birmingham and operating across the UK and Europe, found themselves in a digital rut.

Their previous website had become stagnant and was not exhibiting any growth.

Worse still, it was littered with redundant pages that weren’t indexed by Google, resulting in poor search rankings.

The need was clear: a complete makeover that adhered to brand guidelines while providing the flexibility to add new courier-related services seamlessly.

A Fresh, SEO-Optimised Website on WordPress

The transformation began with building a new website on WordPress, ensuring it was not only visually appealing but also in perfect harmony with MPC Couriers’ brand image.

The focus was on optimising the website for key courier services, with particular attention to locational focus on specific business sectors and national coverage.

Crucially, the website employed search-optimised copywriting, tackling the vast range of courier services and business sectors that MPC Couriers caters to.

To maintain this momentum, the site is supported by a monthly WordPress support and maintenance package, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted operation.

Top Rankings and Increased Business

The revamped website has been a resounding success.

It now ranks in the top 3 positions on Google for many target keywords, driving an increasing amount of business month over month.

This digital transformation has not only elevated the online presence of MPC Couriers but has also translated into tangible business growth.

Beyond Delivery:
The MPC Couriers Difference

MPC Couriers is not just a courier service; it’s a logistical powerhouse.

With a fleet of over 47,000 vehicles across the UK, they ensure 24/7 same-day delivery, fully insured with GPS tracking and real-time proof of delivery.

Their express delivery service, catering to everything from passports to pallets, and urgent delivery capabilities underscore their commitment to client satisfaction.

Their 24-hour support and transparent customer service set them apart.

With operations extending throughout the UK mainland and a strong presence in Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Glasgow, London, and Cardiff, MPC Couriers have proven their resilience and reliability even amidst challenges like Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their bespoke services, ranging from refrigerated transport to high-security deliveries, demonstrate an unparalleled understanding of the market.

MPC Couriers doesn’t just meet expectations; they lead the market with innovative solutions.

The Road Ahead

The journey of MPC Couriers, powered by a blend of technology and dedicated personnel, is a testament to their customer-centric approach.

The digital revitalisation of their website, coupled with their award-winning services, positions MPC Couriers not just as a courier service, but as a vital partner in logistics and delivery.

As they continue to expand and evolve, their commitment to excellence remains unwavering, promising a future of continued success and innovation in the courier and logistics industry.

Client Testimonial

Just to let you know everyone has commented how good the website is and clear CTA amongst everything else. Based on what you've written for us, Jack thinks you’ve been in the industry 20 years! Pleasure to refer your services because your worth it Andrew and that’s how I work anyway together we’re all better 👍 Very pleased I found you sir 🙏
Martin Coulson | MPC Couriers
Martin Coulson
MPC Couriers | National Courier service web design and SEO
MPC Couriers | National Courier service web design and SEO
MPC Couriers | National Courier service web design and SEO

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