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Birmingham and Manchester-based specialist forensic accounting practice, providing tailor-made, value driven solutions.
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Website Design & SEO

FAR Consulting is a specialist forensic accounting practice, providing tailor-made, value-driven solutions.

Web Design

Having built the original FAR Consulting website a number of years ago, I was pleased to be able to revisit the site and bring it right up to date with a revised look and feel with a new website design.

Whilst maintaining a consistent brand identity, the new site is fully mobile optimised and provides a clean, professional and corporate look and feel – perfect for an accountancy firm web design.

Search Engine Optimisation

FAR Consulting were keen to clearly display the range of services they offer. The website also had to have clear calls to action and be search engine optimised for this very competitive sector.

Using keyword research and competitor analysis, a number of keywords and phrases were identified and targeted. Further advanced search engine marketing (SEM) techniques were also used to get the site ranking well on Google for its keywords and phrases.

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