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Discover how Beer Glass Enthusiast transformed a basic site to a top-ranking e-commerce website with my bespoke web design & SEO strategy.
Beer Glass Enthusiast e-commerce website

e-Commerce Website Design & SEO

Elevating Beer Glass Enthusiast’s E-Commerce Platform

Client Profile: Specialising in Belgian Beer Glasses

Rob’s business, Beer Glass Enthusiast, is an e-commerce website based in Sutton Coldfield, UK, specialising in Belgian beer glasses.

The business operates across the UK, offering a unique range of products for beer enthusiasts.

Challenge: Enhancing a Self-Built Website to Build Trust and Improve Functionality

Initially, Beer Glass Enthusiast’s website, created with a popular website builder, was functional but lacked a professional design, failing to instil trust in users and search engines.

The site required a complete redesign to adhere to brand guidelines and needed enhanced functionality for adding new products and promotions.

Solution: A WordPress Redesign with SEO Optimisation

I embarked on a comprehensive redesign using WordPress and WooCommerce, focusing on creating a visually appealing and brand-aligned website.

The site was optimised for search engines, targeting keywords relevant to Belgian beer glasses and breweries.

I also implemented search-optimised copywriting to effectively showcase the range of products.

Results: Top Search Engine Rankings and Increased Business

Post-redesign, the website achieved significant success.

It now ranks in the top 3 positions on Google for many target keywords, leading to a consistent increase in business.

The enhanced functionality allows Rob to quickly add new products and promotions, further driving sales and customer engagement.

Conclusion: Crafting a Digital Presence That Resonates with Customers

This case study demonstrates the transformative impact of professional web design and SEO on an e-commerce platform.

For Beer Glass Enthusiast, transitioning from a basic, self-made website to a professionally designed, SEO-optimised site has been pivotal in increasing online visibility and business growth.

This success story highlights the importance of a well-crafted digital presence in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Client Testimonial

Outstanding! Andrew completely re-built my beer glass retail web site to replace the Squarespace site I had used for 3 years. Within a few months sales were up by over 20%! Great to work with and continues to be very helpful. Highly recommended.
Beer Glass Enthusiast logo | e-commerce website
Rob Briggs
Beer Glass Enthusiast
Beer Glass Enthusiast e-commerce website laptop and mobile screenshots
Beer Glass Enthusiast e-commerce website
Beer Glass Enthusiast e-commerce website

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