INDX website design and SEO


INDX Womenswear & Footwear, Menswear & Footwear, Intimate Apparel, Kidswear and Accessories Shows bring together leading brands for Independent Retailers under one roof.

The INDX website is home to five different shows and one of the major challenges in designing and maintaining the website was bringing all the shows together under one umbrella brand whilst, at the same time, giving each of them their own identity.

As the website is updated regularly and the shows make extensive use of social media and email marketing, training was absolutely key to maintaining brand consistency.

The website also has a great deal of functionality built in, including the ability for users to register for the shows and have their e-tickets automatically emailed to them, with unique QR codes for tracking attendance. 

Video Marketing

There are ten shows a year, five per category, and with many of them back-to-back during the busy show period, the turn around and re-purposing of these videos across all of the social media and email marketing channels is key to their success.


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