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These are a selection of web design related blog articles taken from the main Web Design and SEO blog.

They are designed to help you improve your website but if it all seems a little too technical or you simply don't have the time and are you're looking for help with your web design in Sutton Coldfield, give me a call.

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  • 4 Dangers of a Set and Forget Website

    We've all heard that a dog is not just for Christmas, well it's the same with a website.

    In this article, I'll be looking at the dangers of a set and forget website.

    Like a pet, a website needs regular care and attention otherwise it will suffer. I'm going to touch briefly on 4 main areas.

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should be Using FAQs to Improve Your Website

    Before we get to the real juicy bits, let's just quickly say what FAQs are.

    FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. and they allow you to answer those questions that customers are always asking you, which leads nicely into the first and most obvious reason why you should be using FAQs on your website.

  • 5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Website

    It finally feels as though spring is in the air. And we have a timetable for getting our lives back to some sort of normal!

    So what better time to give your website a spring clean.

    Every website needs a refresh once in a while just to make sure that everything is in good working order, looking good and meeting the goals you need it to.

  • 8 Essential Steps for Writing the Perfect Blog

    Content marketing is a strategy to attract, engage and retain customers by creating informative content that your target audience appreciates.

    Not only will this content increase your organic search traffic but it will demonstrate expertise, authority and trust in your brand and blogs are an essential part of this mix.

  • Core Web Vitals

    You may not have heard of Core Web Vitals.

    However, before you move on from this post, have a quick read because it may affect your website in a big way.

    Google rarely gives too much advance notice about big algorithm changes but it has in this case, which suggests that it could have a dramatic effect on how your website ranks.

  • Finding and Implementing FAQs on Your Website

    If you find and answer the right frequently asked questions on your website and add them in a way that keeps Google happy, you'll go a long way towards improving your search engine listings, increasing your page rank and converting visitors into customers.

    Now you're convinced on the need for FAQs on your website, let's deal with some of the practical issues:

  • Importance of Good Quality Photography in Web Design

    If a photo is worth a thousand words, then how many is a really good photo worth?

    Good high-quality, professional photography can really make the difference to web design - it can make or break the appeal of a website, which is why I always stress to my clients the importance of good quality photographs.

  • Stock Photography: Benefits of Paid vs Free Stock Photos

    Good quality photography is essential for effective web design but you don't always need to hire a professional photographer.

    Stock photography websites offer a great range of options for all kinds of business and can be entirely free. But use them appropriately and watch out for the pitfalls.

  • Website Goals for the New year

    January is a time when many of us try and at least think about some goals for the year ahead: eating better, exercising more, drinking less but what goals have you set for your website?

    Unlike your dream of running the London marathon, which may slip away after a couple of frosty morning jogs around the block, realistic website goals are well within your reach.